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I love letter from your photographer

With immense gratitude, I reflect on the privilege of capturing the beautiful chapters of your love story. Your trust in my lens to tell your narrative through emotional storytelling and documentary photography has been an incredible honor.

In each fleeting moment, I sought to freeze not just images but the essence of your connection—the stolen glances, tender touches, and shared laughter.

Through my lens, I aimed to create a timeless saga of your pure and genuine love.

Thank you for entrusting me with your special day, and allowing me to be part of the joyous symphony of your union.

May these photographs forever echo the promises of your hearts entwined.

XOXO your photographer


Hi Sarah Here!

It's your photographer and your friend here. I am 22 and about to finish my undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill! I absolutely love photography and I LOVE traveling and you can usually spot me at a coffee shop or in class studying! I am so so grateful for everyone I've met since starting photography back in 2018 and I am so excited for everyone I will meet in the years to come.

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